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Our first priority: to eliminate your dental pain

Les Dentistes Spécialistes de Châteauguay is a dental specialist clinic where a specialist in endodontics, Dr. Rebecca Chan, treats conditions affecting tooth pulp and the tissues around the roots of your teeth. Dr. Chan is a member of the Canadian Royal College of Dental Surgeons, as well as being a member of the Quebec Order of Dentists (ODQ), the American Association of Endodontists and the Canadian Academy of Endodontics. Our team is highly trained and managed by Dr. Chan and perform at their highest level with a large experience in endodontics.

Microscopic endodontics and 3D technology with the Cone Beam

At our clinic, endodontics is a practice in which all the dental procedures, however simple they may be, are done using an operating microscope for better visualization and better results. We also use the 3D technology of the CBCT, specialized imaging equipment which provides clear three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissue, canals, nerves and bones in a single scan.

It is like a GPS for the root and the anatomy of the tooth.

The use of this technology enables a quicker and more precise diagnosis, better treatment plans, as well as longer retention of teeth which could otherwise be extracted.

Sometimes, a traditional X-ray procedure can considerably limit the level of diagnosis. We use CBCT imagery in order to improve visualisation of the area to be treated. We can often detect an undetected infection and canals, which may explain the failure of a root canal which has been previously treated. With the use of the CBCT, we can find the etiology and treat the specific area so that the root canal does not continue to falter and the tooth can be saved.

Treatments available in endodontics

Root canal treatment
Re-treating root canal
Endodontic surgery
Traumatic injuries

Efficient treatment

Our objective is to make the most accurate diagnosis and to start treatment as soon as possible. With ordinary dental infections, we can generally treat a tooth in one visit. More complex cases may require a second visit to complete the procedure. We do all we can for our patients and for their teeth, making sure their visits are as short as possible.

A warm and empathetic service

According to feedback that we receive, our patients appreciate the warm welcome and empathetic care in our practice. As a team, we want to make sure that for every patient that enters our door gets a warm welcome and that their wait is kept to a minimum.  We are committed to making our clinic the best choice for endodontic treatments.


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Treatments available in endodontics

  • Canal treatment;
  • Re-treating root canals;
  • Endodontic surgery;
  • Traumatic injuries.