May 5, 2020 Webinar

Ridge Preservation: Laying the Foundation for Implant Longevity



When a tooth needs to be extracted, and an implant is treatment-planned but can’t be placed immediately, there is an opportunity to optimize the situation for a lasting clinical result. Ridge preservation following extraction makes use of both classical and contemporary techniques to ensure a surplus of available bone and keratinized tissues for implant placement. Using a live narrated PowerPoint presentation via Zoom, and followed by a Q&A period, this course discusses the science behind ridge preservation, highlights the most common techniques currently employed by clinicians, and demonstrates the results through case studies.



By the end of this lecture participants should:


  • know what normally happens to the alveolar ridge after a tooth gets extracted
  • know why what happens to the the ridge is undesirable for implant placement
  • know what materials and techniques are used to prevent it from happening.

Webinar followed by live Q&A session

Speaker: Dr. Sam Malkinson

Date: Tuesday May 5th 2020

Time: 2 PM- 3:30 PM EST

CE credits: 1.5

Tuition: free

Location: online

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